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1. Preparation: Prepare all necessary tools according to the installation manual and ensure  smooth and clean of installation surface.

2. Priming:
Prime both sides of products through spraying, rolling or brushing (optional, paint first and then paste).

3. Paste:
Apply white latex or versatile adhesives to the back of products, press forcibly to ensure all edges and angles stick to the surface firmly.

4. Painting:
Apply emulsion paint through multi-time, multi-layer spraying (arrange the order with step 3 according to the priority of paste and painting).



1. Preparing all stools and secondary materials





2. Basic preparation
1) Wall requirements: its surface must be flat, tidy and clear.

2) Preparation for the wall: filling in all eyelets on the wall. Basic paint shall be used prior install the product on the wall. If its surface is plastic or varnish, it is necessary to rough by sand paper for easy conglutinating.

3. Preparation before putting the product on the wall
1) Stickiness preparation: if you want to color after sticking, you can use latex or multi-purpose glue stick the product directly to the wall.

2) Dealing with board's surface: if you want to color the product first and then paste, suggested that we first carried out primer treatment on both sides of this product, to prevent distortion caused when pasting. Can use stenciled, roller or brush on a primer, with particular attention not to apply excessive accumulation of primer at the position of groove. This product is also requiring a flat brush on the primer to prevent distortion.

4. Installing the product

1) Permanent installation: for common conditions of climate and environment in a permanent installation, we recommend to use of white latex or multi-functional adhesive, follow the instructions for drying time. The board may be bent slightly. You have to paste the product attach on the wall as smooth as possible before you get to next step.

2) Dealing with the details: for complex corners, fixing it by nails until the glue dry. Then you might take off nails and fill in orifices. You must keep the edge 100% fitly during installing the board. For other difficult problems, the nails might be used. Then the orifices should be filled in after it dries up. You must guarantee there is no gap between the boards.



       Stickup Boards tidily – fixing the board by using the nail is very important guarantee for smooth paste board. Taking off the nail after the glue dries through (be careful operation). Using special filling up glue might help to easy take-off the nail, polish the wall with sand paper again.

       Reduce the gap formation – Closely arranged between the board, pay attention to make them tight.

       Board installing sequence – First of all, carefully consider to design an installing sequence. If spreading from corner top to bottom when the corner appears, then the dissected edge should be covered properly. If start from the middle, you should consider the edges situation at top, both sides and bottom. Measure twice at least if you want to cut.

       Cutting the board – please use professional wallpaper knife. First draw the alignment, cut several times, each time a little deeper, to ensure alignment straight.

       Filling up the gap – there are always a number of gaps need to be filled, such as the wall is not smooth, so that panels can not completely fit with the wall. Using special glue and follow the instruction to allow sufficient drying time, and if necessary, it might be used glue again. Use sandpaper (350) gently sanding, wipe off debris with a soft cloth.

       Using multi-function glue – please note the requirements of the manufacturer's product temperature.


5. Brush the installed 3d board

1) Latex preparation: Color, depending on your final design, purchase an appropriate amount of good color latex paint (recommendation to buy well-known brand latex paint).

2) Brushing Operation: Making sure that you have properly installed the board as mentioned in above, then you can paint the board with the latex paint. At this moment, we suggest you to use spray method. Spray softly and several times, don't spray completely one times, which will soaked your board. Noticed: To spray in accordance with the requirements of the lacquer note, for example: spray times, Climatic conditions and environmental conditions.



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